zaterdag 27 augustus 2011

My cup of saturday!

Here's another beautiful Bavaria mug! I've got this one in several colors and i love drinking my morning coffee out of these. I wonder if Bavaria has some sort of catalogue with all their old designs... I've seen so many already and still there are new ones to discover! So a catalogue would be really nice to have :-)

My hand is slowly healing, it's quite a big open wound so it takes a while. Bf helped me with all little things last week, stuff you normally don't think about but now suddenly seem so difficult to do! And now i even have more respect for people who are seriously burned, it must be hell to go through all those pains!!

I hope you're all having a super weekend and ohhh exciting things are about to happen cause my buddy cy will soon give birth to my new little baby-buddy... Boelie Woelie!! YAY!! Go Cy!! ;-)

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