zondag 27 november 2011

Happy weekend!

Weekends are always fun but sometimes good things happen which makes them just that bit more special than other weekends...
On friday i found this lovely envelope in my mailbox from the creative Lisa! It came as a surprise cause i mailed her my adress to receive some handwritten mail but didn't expect it so fast.. you're a quick girl Lisa :)
What a happy discovery! The selfmade envelope was filled with things i love, like Lisa knows me for real... yummy tea, a nice notebook, old stickers, postcards (which i collect so thank you so much Lisa!!) and the details made it perfect. Now it's my turn to write her...

And on saturday more happy news arrived... i won the give away on this blog!

Something i'll use for sure, a book filled with ideas and addresses for vintage stuff! Yay!

3 opmerkingen:

Lotte Janssens zei

mooi pakje

Mdmslle. zei

Lucky you! Never saw or even tried Pomegranate Tea! Hope you like it! And have a wonderful Sunday!

Lisa zei


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