vrijdag 18 november 2011

Beautiful stories never last long...

Bf & i had a great time in Taba, isn't it weird how sometimes a week takes forever and if you're having fun it's over before you even realise it!
The weather was very summerish (30°!), sitting outside at 7 in the morning for breakfast... wearing nothing more than shorts, a top and flip flops... do i need to say more?
We spoiled ourselves with lots of yummy food, pancakes for breakfast mmmmmm, and ofcourse the local cat got to taste as well :)

2 opmerkingen:

studio meez zei

Oh! Het ziet er een fantastische reis uit! Ik mis het zonnetje al.

Mina zei

You're so right about the days seeming to pass by way too fast if you're having a good time.
I'm always a little down as soon as I realize that at the end of a lovely trip or weekend, but when you look back in a few weeks, it feels as if you've done a vast number of wonderful things in just one day. Makes the memories so much richer.
Good to have you back <3!

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