donderdag 19 januari 2012


Finally... some images of our Budapest-citytrip! I kind of missed the Lisbon-blue skies to take pictures! All our days in Budapest were so misty.. i bet the city looks totally different in nice weather. But on the other hand it gave the city a mysterious look which fits well with all the beautiful old buildings! And i saw lots and lots of cool vintage stuff! I didn't feel a click like a have with Lisbon, but the city was interesting enough to go back some day, i'd prefer spring to go back though!

9 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

mooie foto's! zou mij alvast lokken tot een bezoekje!

Lily zei

Love your pics from Budapest! I have never been there, but it looks so beautiful I think I have to go there sometime in the future!

Alicia zei

I like the most the one with the doves and the old lady.

studio meez zei

Weer eentje voor op men lijstje te zetten. Het ziet er heel mooi uit daar en al die vintage shops klinken heel aanlokkelijk.

Sewon zei

I've heard such good things about Budapest. I was really hoping to make it out there when I was studying in Prague. Beautiful photos!

.tonBouton. zei

Dat grijze past er toch ook echt wel bij hoor! Die foto van het turkse bad is echt knap!

wide-eyed-tree zei

Great pictures! I was in the same thermal bath!

Alma zei

Your city's point of view is nice!

Magdalena Nowak zei

I MUST GO TO BUDAPEST! Thank you for inspiration!
great pictures!!!!

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