maandag 2 januari 2012

Hai 2012!

Day 3 of 2012 has already arrived... things are back to normal and i'm kind of happy with that!
Always so much to do those last weeks of the year, and so many places to go... and a new start of a year always brings some peace & quit for me :)

Bf & i had a great time in Budapest! We saw lots of the city, most of it by feet! I slept like a rose ;-) The weather was misty most of the time which gave the city this magical look! I'll show some pictures in another post.

And finally the big vintage gifts-evening of my friend & me arrived! There were lots and lots of presents, one surprise after another... our dear bf's thought it was a bit too much though.... hihi :)
I'll show some of those gifts too in a later post!

But for now i wish you all a good year, lots of blogging-fun and happy times!

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Mdmslle. zei

The best wishes for you and 2012! Hope there'll be a lot of fun and luck for you waiting in the new year and hoepfully a lot more vintage surprises too! Looking forward to see more of them!

Åpent hus zei

nice blog

you really travel a lot, don't you.
lucky you :)

best wishes for 2012

Open^house, Norway

studio meez zei

Beste wensen voor 2012!
Ik kijk al uit naar nieuwe blogposts!

Pauline zei

Ik wens je nog een gelukkig 2012.
Fijn dat jullie zo genoten hebben in Budapest.
Ben benieuwd naar de foto's.

elisse zei

Het beste voor 2012! En ja, Odette is wel echt ne leuke naam! Ik slaap er nog een nachtje over :-)

wide-eyed-tree zei

Am looking forward to see some pictures of your trip.

Mars zei

Oeh, ben ook benieuwd naar de foto's van Budapest!

Voor de tape betaalde ik 2,95, net zoveel als online geloof ik...

Alicia zei

what a lovely calendar :)

Alma zei

Bonne annéééééée !

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