zaterdag 24 december 2011

Best wishes..

I'm wishing you all a wonderful Christmas evening filled with love, friendship & lots of pretty gifts!! Oh and not to forget: yummy food!
Bf & i are off to Budapest tomorrow, i'm really looking forward to that!
And also, it's only a week to go to the big gifts-evening my best friend & myself have planned on new year's eve!! A whole year we've searching for little/ pretty/ funny/ old/ selfmade/.../ gifts! So you can imagine we're both getting pretty excited about it now :)
Oh and for the creative souls: i'm still looking for some people to play 'Craft it forward' with!!

7 opmerkingen:

coco zei

oh, i love these cute christmas toys. each one of facial expression makes me smile.
merry christmas to you too, Mi Joya.

Mi Joya zei

I collect all sorts of wooden dolls! And these little christmas figurines are so funny, there are so many different kinds of them :-)

Anna zei

Merry Christmas to you too!

elisse zei

Ook voor jou nog fijne feestdagen gewenst!

Alma zei

Happy 2012!

Mi Joya zei

Thank you Anna, Elisse & Alma!

Pauline zei

Dankjewel voor je berichtje op mijn blog. Ik wens je alle goeds voor 2012. Budapest met de kerst lijkt me geweldig. Hoop dat je er genoten hebt.
Groetjes, Pauline

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