donderdag 8 december 2011

Lisboa time

Bf & i are off to my favourite city for some days.... Lisboa here we come!!
It's our 3th time now and i hope it's going to be just as much fun as the first 2 times!
Can't wait to go to the huge fleamarket again...
See you when i get back!!

6 opmerkingen:

wide-eyed-tree zei

Oh, Have a good time! It is a great city! Portugal is one of my favorite holiday countries!

Mina zei

Oh when did this happen! Time flies so crazily... Have a wonderful trip and enjoy some autumn sun over there! <3

Alicia zei

I have good memories of Lisboa. Beautiful city! And delicious Belem cakes...

studio meez zei

Veel plezier en trek maar veel foto's zodat we een beetje kunnen meegenieten ;)

Mdmslle. zei

Wish you a wonderful time there! Never visited Lisboa, but always dreamed of it!

(Thank you so much for your lovely present! Just received it & I love it so much!!!)

Mi Joya zei

I love Lisboa!! I still do now after my third visit to this city..
All the beautiful old houses, the colors, line 28, the views, shops and ofcourse yes the heavenly Belem cakes... mmmm!!!

@ Barbara.. so happy to hear it arrived safely and that you like it!!

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